Generic medicines are similar to the original branded medicines that have lost patent protection. They contain the same active ingredient as the originator product and must have demonstrated similarity in bioequivalence clinical studies.

Bioequivalence means that the generic version releases its active ingredient (the drug) into the bloodstream at virtually the same speed and in virtually the same amounts as the original drug.

Although generics are not required to undergo full clinical trials, they are subject to the same rigorous quality standards, with the same expected efficacy and safety as the original brands.

Typically, generic medicines cost less than the original brands, thereby creating affordable, high quality medicines for national healthcare systems and patients.

With the growing use of and increased reliance on generic medicines, the company is well positioned to deliver high quality, cost-effective medicines for the international markets.

Our strategic strengths include strong recognition of our brands (The company has no compromise over its products' quality), highly skilled work force and diversified business mix.