With concentrations of 125 mg of simethicone, only one tablet of Gaseoflatex can be taken up to 4 times per day.
Gaseoflatex comes in chewable tablets which facilitate the dispersion of the active ingredient in gastric fluid, increasing the onset of action.
We consider in our formula using sugars which is very safe for diabetics and those who are on diet controlling carbohydrates.
Using sucralose as sweetening agent which is considered the safest sweetening agent with no after taste.
The blisters are made from PVDC to protect our product from moisture and oxygen more than the regularly used PVC.
Manufacturing process takes in consideration the need to decrease moisture content as much as possible to improve the stability of Gaseoflatex.

Product Name

Gaseoflatex tablet

Active ingredients

Simethicone 125mg.




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