Bioxell will always be reliable partner in the health care industry, both in the domestic market and abroad and remains open to all new cooperation with global health care companies.
Our strategic strengths include strong recognition of our brands (The company has no compromise over its products' quality), highly skilled work force and diversified business mix.

What We Do:
Partner up with health care companies from around the globe to market their products in our region.
Develop files for products highly needed in the Egyptian and Middle Eastern markets
and partner up with local manufacturers to produce high quality products.
Promote products directly in Egypt and via preferred partners in countries outside Egypt.
Protect product intellectual property, including patents and trademarks.
Obtain regulatory and marketing approvals.

We are open to partner with health care companies around the globe to manufacture and promote quality products in Egypt and Middle Eastern markets.
As is often the case, entry to certain markets can be a costly and time-consuming process and often leads to second and third tier markets never reaching full potential.
However, Bioxell has both the market intelligence and the technical expertise to maximize sales in the Middle East market place. To meet the future demand we have the intention to invest in establishing branch satellite offices in the region.