About Us

Bioxell is an Egyptian pharmaceutical company specialized in contract manufacturing and marketing high-quality pharmaceuticals and health care products.
The company was founded 2007 in Cairo, Egypt by Hisham Aggour, PharmD, PhD, Bioxell aims to position itself at the vanguard of the pharmaceutical and health care sector in Egypt and the Middle East.
We constantly explore possibilities to consolidate our presence and deliver value to our clients.
Our most precious asset is our strong dedicated executive board of people from different disciplines who share one common belief in our philosophy; a philosophy that propagates freedom of thought and growth for each individual, where each one is encouraged to work with an independent mind and as a team striving to make a positive contribution towards alleviating human suffering with high-quality pharmaceutical products.
The quest for excellence would never cease and Bioxell Pharma looks forward to strongly support the global challenge of achieving.
A great deal of our success is attributed to our board who are leading diversified experts in the health care industry. All employees from various scientific walks are systematically kept up-to-date by means of training programs to ensure ongoing development.
We believe that the essence of the health care industry lies in the marketing of high-quality products and timely delivery, which in turn creates customer value and satisfaction. Since our inception, this has always been our guiding principle.